Welcome to the Ultimate Reverse Mortgage Guide

If you are trying to understand what a reverse mortgage is, how they work, the pros and cons or trying to determine if a reverse mortgage is the right decision for you, you have come to the right place.

This site has been structured in a very specific way for people to get the most out of it.

You should start with “Reverse Mortgage 101” tab in the menu. This tab and the drop down options cover the basics of what a reverse mortgage is and how they work. At the end of each page there is a link to the next page in a very logical manner.

After you have read those pages you should move on to “Why Get One“. These pages cover the most common reasons why people get a reverse mortgage. Obviously not all of the reasons why people get a reverse mortgage will be relevant to you or your situation.

The frequently asked question page or “FAQ” page covers all the reverse mortgage questions people have typed into Google and more. This section is in both written and video format. Some of the answers to the questions are quick and simple, others are more in depth.

The “Resources” page has several different free guides that you can download and read or open them up and read them. This includes guides from the National Council on Aging, NRMLA, HUD and the CFPB. It also includes a free eBook version of this website.

The blog covers a wide variety of topics, scenarios and some personal rants about the reverse mortgage industry.

As far as who I am and why you should listen to what I have on this website. I am a 14 year veteran in the mortgage industry and have been specializing in just reverse mortgages for the last 4 years. I refer to myself as MisterX because the company I work for would not be happy with me creating this website. This website is not to solicit you for your business, it is for informational purposes only.